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The Sustainable Development Goals or Global Goals are a collection of 17 interlinked global goals designed to be a “blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all”.  We have focused on four.

Youth Power! Hub

Virtual sessions on policy advocacy on the EAC SRH Bill between the dates of 18th -29th October 2021 and various online engagements to advocate for youth priorities on the SRH bill in the lead up to the public hearing in November 2021. 


The YALI4OurFuture campaign delves into the climate crisis and ways that we can all address five key areas of the climate crisis: forests, emissions, water, food, and people. 

Climate change affects our lives in many ways, including our water supplies, our economies and livelihoods, food systems, our health, infrastructure, and ecosystems. Climate change has the potential to destabilize local markets, decrease food security, limit economic growth, and increase the risk of investments in the agriculture sector. The entire world is affected by the climate crisis. However, Africa is the most exposed region to the effects of climate change despite contributing the least to global warming. 

Creating awareness on Teenage Pregnancy and Mental Health

Current studies indicate that teenagers become sexually active in early puberty. During this time, the teenager is faced with various challenges such as the onset of menstruation in girls and wet dreams in boys. These teenagers become sexually active at an early stage and without using any form of contraceptives, the girls end up with unexpected pregnancies. This disruption of events may result in the affected teenage mothers having to bear with the task of bringing up their children under unfavorable conditions which may affect their self-esteem.

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Social Accountability Tool training

Power Up Social Accountability Tool training by Amref, AfriYAN, Y-Act and UNFPA on a Validation for the Social Accountability Toolkit Designed for the Youth, By the Youth on 29th June 2021. Social Media planning training session by AfriYAN, Y-Act and UNFPA in Aug 9, 2021.